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In early 2016, we sent out a survey to 2,600 constituents asking for extensive input from our community.  First, we determined how often the respondent attends concerts and for how many years they have been attending.  By determining previous involvement, we were able to gauge their familiarity with our current facilities and how updating and/or expanding might affect their experience.   Second, we established how attendees formulate seating preferences, and what trends emerge from these preferences.  For instance, we asked patrons if they would prefer stadium seating to the current park-like bench seating.  The overwhelming majority of respondents sent a clear message; they love our intimate bench seating.  Following up with specific questions that target comfort level, availability, special needs, and other concerns, we were able to understand and respond to what drives these preferences and needs.

The benches we selected are Ipe hardwood.  Some compare its strength to that of steel.  Similar in appearance to mahogany, Ipe ages beautifully, requires no upkeep and is popular for its durability and rich appearance.  

The final cost for the project came in higher than we budgeted.  This should come as no surprise to anyone who has ever been involved in construction. We would like your help!

New Bench example

Britt is excited to offer the Seat Sponsorship Program to help fund this project. In the same collaborative spirit that brings community and the arts together, we invite you to attach your name or inscription of your choice to one or more of our new seats!  The new campaign will exclusively fund these structural improvements and guarantee the Britt Experience is passed on to future generations. 

When you sponsor a new seat through the Seat Sponsorship Program, we will attach a highly visible plaque with the inscription of your choice to the backrest of one these new seats for a whole decade. Plaques will be mounted on the top of the benches, in full view of the row behind the seat.

bench plaque position

Thank you for your support of Britt.  We believe that sponsoring a seat (or more!) is a great way to show your support for the arts and preserve the community spirit found at every performance on Britt Hill.

Seat Expansion Map

Seat Expansion Map