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Britt Music & Arts Festival
Mailing Address: Britt Music & Arts Festival, PO Box 1124, Medford, OR 97501
Office location: 216 W. Main St., Medford, OR 97501

Britt Administration phone: 541-779-0847
Fax: 541-776-3712
Email: info@brittfest.org 

Main Britt Box Office: 216 W. Main St., Medford
Hours: Monday – Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
phone: 541-773-6077
toll-free: 800-882-7488
email: boxoffice@brittfest.org

Jacksonville Box Office, Britt hill
Hours: Performance days only, 3 p.m. - intermission
phone: 541-899-9924 


Donna Briggs, President & CEO
Sara Burrill, Advertising Sales Representative, 541-690-3851, sara.burrill@brittfest.org
Marie Carbone, Assisstant Box Office Manager, 541-690-3832, marie.carbone@brittfest.org
Brian Fitz-Gerald, Creative Marketing Assistant, 541-690-3850, brian.fitz-gerald@brittfest.org
Mike Gantenbein, Director of Marketing, 541-690-3849, mike.g@brittfest.org 
Adam Hill, Sr. Executive Assistant, 541-690-3857, adam.hill@brittfest.org
Kay Hilton, Director of Education and Community Engagement, 541-690-3852, kay.hilton@brittfest.org
Julie Kantor, Finance and Employee Benefits Manager, 541-690-3833, julie.kantor@brittfest.org
Mark Knippel, Director of Artistic Operations, 541-690-3856, mark.knippel@brittfest.org
Chrissie Middleton, Box Office Manager, 541-690-3831, chrissie.middleton@brittfest.org
Andrew Mustain, Facilities Operations Manager / Stage Manager, 541-733-2961, andrew.mustain@brittfest.org
Parvaneh Scoggin, Director of Business Relations, 541-690-3855, parvaneh.scoggin@brittfest.org
Bow Seltzer, Director of House Operations, 541-690-3842, bow.seltzer@brittfest.org
Mike Sturgill, Director of Programming, 541-690-3844, mike.sturgill@brittfest.org