Education & Engagement
Free BrittKids Koncerts

The Summer 2019 BrittKids Koncerts will be announced June 1st!

BrittKids Koncerts are FREE to the public - Scout says ALL KIDS of ALL AGES are invited!
All performances are in the Britt Performance Garden which opens at 9:45am.  All performances start at 10:15am.

Note: come prepared for warm weather - bring light clothing, sun screen and lots of water.

BrittKids Koncerts create a fun and casual setting to help local families introduce their children to music, dance, and art from around the world. These free performances help the next generation of artists learn about the performing arts in a way that is both engaging and enlightening. Early exposure to live performance will increase the interest of children and families in artistic activities, such as learning an instrument, singing, dancing, participating in a school music or theater program.

Exclusive 2019 BrittKids Koncert Sponsor:

Southern Oregon Subaru



For more information about the BrittKids Koncerts program, contact Kay Hilton, Director of Education & Engagement at